Since my work schedule changed last month, which now lets me sleep at night with the little one, Ilog and I would watch videos of our past travels every night before we go to sleep. We’d recall how we had fun during those times. The temples in the Angkor Wat Complex, the small tunnels of Cu Chi, the towering Petronas Towers, the icicles in Taiwan, the aggressive monkeys of Bali, the humungous Big Buddha in Phuket, and more! We’d even use a 3D map to pretend we’re visiting the places we’ve been in the past. Our night would always end with him saying, “Let’s go to Taiwan tomorrow” or some other place he remembers.

We haven’t stepped out of our home for ten weeks now since the Covid-19 pandemic started, and I have been finding ways to keep the little one busy.

I recently found out that the Singapore Tourism Board released a drawing tutorial of its iconic Merli, which Ilog loves. He doesn’t only get to draw Merli, but he can also learn more about the country’s icon. And while the world is healing, I am thankful that Singapore, one of the places our little one remembers the most, remains accessible for discovery through its online learning activities, some of which are made only for kids!

More of Singapore’s online attractions

The drawing tutorial is just one of Singapore’s online attractions that are available for the entire family to enjoy and take advantage of these days. Different attractions, museums, works of nature, and more are opening their doors, virtually at least, for every family’s choosing.

Arts and Crafts

Playeum, an independent center that helps develop life skills in children through play, creativity, and the arts, holds a live, guided craft session every week. Each session allows kids to discover ways to experiment, play, and build things with every day, recyclable materials such as cardboard toilet rolls and rubber bands.

Singapore's Online Attractions

For kids who love DIY activities, The Art Ground‘s puppet artists Auderia Tan, Isabelle Low, and Shirley Sim, who are collectively known as the C!puppets prepared an instruction sheet on how to make a P-Rex out of household waste materials. The Indian Heritage Centre, on the other hand, has online puzzles, quizzes, eye-catching visuals, and even charades showcasing the rich Indian culture in Singapore!

Virtual Tours

If the virtual island experience piques your kids’ interest, ArtScience Museum launched its latest online program called ArtScience at Home. This program offers young minds an exciting lineup of virtual tours, workshops, talks, screenings, performances, and more.

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore’s famed awe-inspiring green space in the heart of the city, also launched #StayHomeWithGB. The initiative allows people to still learn about the art of horticulture with other edutainment content that is perfect for parents looking for new things to introduce to their kids.

Google Street View has also made it possible to carry-on sightseeing in the Lion City through the virtual tours of the Singapore Botanic Gardens, Mount Faber Park, and MacRitchie Reservoir.

Check Visit Singapore PH for more fun online activities showcasing the many attractions of the Lion City.

Ilog and I will virtually visit these places and try these learning activities soon while we are still in quarantine! Do you know any other countries or cities have this kind of programs too?


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