This post is scheduled to be published on 12 noon of April 20, day of our wedding.

He finishes the meal I can no longer continue munching on saying that there are a lot of people dying because of hunger. Ending, he gains more weight and I don’t.

He fixes the laundry machine when I say it is grounded. He’d rather get electrocuted than hear my endless complaints.

He takes care of me when I am drunk, damping warm towels on my face making sure I am fine and guides me to the trash bin when I am about to throw off.

He asks me to lay my head on his shoulder during jeepneys and bus rides whenever I am sleepy; he holds my hand as if reassuring me I’m nothing but safe.

He carries the heavy loads whenever we’re on the road with our big backpacks. I get to bring my personal stuff and nothing else. I enjoy letting him carry our lumpish whatever-it-is.

He cooks our food. I only eat but don’t cook.

He, without hesitations, will rush to the store when I say I want iced-cold Coke and Zebzeb.

He constantly reminds me that I always look upset by calling me Simang as in simangot. And so I have no choice but to always put up a smile.

He is my number one and only fan who never fails to encourage me to write by filling my heart with kind words and praises. He knows that I am a horrible writer.

He’d go outside the tent during rainy wee hours just to adjust the guy-lines when I tell him that the rain is dripping inside and that I feel cold.

When I am gloomy, he’d make funny gestures regardless of whether he looks stupid or idiotic.

I could go on enumerating the things that make him great, I still have a lot on my list. But like everyone else, he is just human. There’s nothing divine in him. He also has these flaws, which are completely normal.

He takes pictures of me when I look absurd while sleeping; he’d then show it to me and make fun of me.

He doesn’t like combing his curly hair and the falling strands are all scattered on our floor.

I’d see a point to slightly remind him that I love to receive flowers. Well, he gave me A flower (A = one) once. It is an origami from the foil of a cigarette pack.

He is fond of disturbing me while I am in the middle of writing an ultimately difficult article by dashing my keyboard and mouse. When I look at him, I’d see a mischievous smile and laughing eyes.

He doesn’t get mad when I call him names—Taba, Kulot, Tabachoy, Kalbo—as he gets more even by calling me Payat, Negra, Bubwit, and a lot more and eventually leading to me getting annoyed.

He makes these out-of-this-world requests like me sleeping outside our bedroom.

Despite all these, I still thought he is perfect. But then he has this dark secret that I’ve recently realized and discovered.

He is Robin Hood, a thief. He easily nipped not only my last name and replaced it with his but he also stole my heart and has no plans of returning it.

He is Harry Potter, a sorcerer. He put me on a curse of eternal love. I am under a spell of forever loyalty and faithfulness. I was given a magic potion to perpetual adventures with him.

He is Rowjie and I just married him.

Weekend Getaway

I, Maria Cassanova, promise to be your partner, your climb and travel buddy, and your best friend above all others even if you love drawing poop with flies on my hand insisting that it is a tattoo. I will forever be beside you even if you sometimes bite my fingers while you dream and think of my hand as a hot dog. I promise to love and cherish you, Rowjie Bien, to infinity and beyond.


Hello there. I am Kaiz (sounds like maze). I am a virtual assistant, rainbow head, a Pilates practitioner, a 9gag Derpina, and this is where I dump my musings about family, traveling, and everything in between.


    1. Ikaw na ang number fan namin! May live status update pa sa fezbuk. hahahaha! Thanks Ivan! ☺

    1. Thank you ever Marky. I hate him, he hates me. What comes around goes around, that is the philosophy of life. hehehe

      – Missus Backpacker

  1. Kaiz! this one’s so sweeeeeeeeeet… kaiyak… haaist, feel na feel ang love… Congratulations to both of you! Best wishes!!!! Weeee!

  2. How I wish every bride writes a piece like this. There’s got to be a law. Nothing like putting it on paper like you just did. Better than a marriage document, if you ask me. If I were Robin Hood aka Harry Potter aka your groom, I’d be extremely happy to have married you!


    1. Hello Tita!

      Very flattering words. It makes me want to float. Thanks for dropping by.

    1. Hello Doc Wends! He is really lucky! hahaha! Thank you so much! Will let you know once a baby is on the way. *wink*

    1. Hello Kara! I’m a bit worried but hey I love this guy so I’ll do whatever it takes to succeed in this journey. Thank you! ☺

  3. So beautiful. *sniff*

    We don’t know each other but this literally made me cry. (and I’m at work. hahaha!)
    Just broke up with my travel-buddy-who-i-thought-would-be-my-buddy-for-life earlier this month and I’m still trying to get over him. This makes me hopeful that I’ll meet that flawed yet perfect someone too.

    Anyway, congratulations and best wishes to both of you.

    1. Hello Aya! Thank you for dropping by. Actually, up until now, naluluha pa rin ako pag naiisip ko ups and downs namin ni husband. I wish that you get over your past soon and find your true and everlasting love if not with traveling, with someone who will spend his whole life with you.

      Hope to see you on the road! ☺

      1. Thanks.

        Don’t worry, at least I’m sure my relationship with traveling will be forever.

        Yeah, hope to meet you and the rest of the PTB guys. Big fan.

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